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Customer Testimonials

Weed Man Lawn Care Aurora, IL relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Aurora, IL Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services:

"Very personal technician. I was extremely impressed with their spraying methodology. The perimeter is done first, then internal yard. The spray head is held steady leaving very consistent coverage. A++++"
- Gregory Miller, Weed Man Aurora, IL
"Great people. The products they use perform great. Mike handles my account and does an excellent job. I had a great growing season last year, and plan to use them this year."
- Mike McDougall, Weed Man Aurora, IL
"Over the course of the past several years I have used a couple of different National lawn care services.. My grass looked "ok" and generally Weedless although never truly popping with a deep green rich healthy looking color... So last year I tried Weed Man. Wow! What a difference. Weed Man gave us a healthy, weed free, bug free, and beautifully deep green lawn."
- Ken Wirth, Weed Man Aurora, IL
"Great service! Lawn looks great and staff always courteous in regards to recommending when my dogs can be out in the yard after their care! Also, customer service is excellent!"
- Ashlee Panozzo, Weed Man Aurora, IL

"They are very helpful and take the time to make sure their work is done right. I highly recommend."
- Brittany Perez, Weed Man Aurora, IL

"They were very attentive to us. Explained the service, then answered our questions. We will be using them again for our lawn care."
- John Hall, Weed Man Aurora, IL

"Great service-always prompt, friendly and professional. The yard never looked so good. I would recommend them to anyone!"
- Trisha Mills, Weed Man Aurora, IL


"Started using Weed Man in 2018 and my grass has never looked better. The Elburn/Aurora team is also very responsive to any requests. I look forward to continuing to use their service!"
- Tim Kanive, Weed Man Aurora, IL

"Had the hardest time keeping weeds out of my yard until I tried Weed Man. I’ve tried other companies and they do not compare to the quality of the service done by Weed Man. The best in the business hands down."
- Ethan Conroy, Weed Man Aurora, IL